3 Reasons To Use Cell Phone Tracking Apps!

Smartphones have engulfed everybody’s precious time and attention by proffering various features and free chat apps. We see a scenario where a parent is worried about their kids because they’re not paying attention to their studies and conceal their whereabouts. However an employer gets anxious because their employees are turning passive and less productive over […]

Is Employee Monitoring Important For Company’s Security?

From last few days your firm’s important data and confidential information are getting misplaced, mishandled, going off-tracked, or being destroyed… Absenteeism of the employees without notice… Mobile workforce playing ostrich when they are asked for submitting their detailed report… Marketers are unwilling to have business deals with your company because it is being haphazardly represented […]


Its more than breaking a mountain to manage the mobile workforce. You can not tether your field based employees to have an eye on their works. The mobile workforce are obligated to cater excellent field services to achieve the customers and clients delight. Comparatively, those employees are the one who are provided with more facilities […]