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Do you have a notorious child or do you suspect your employee of cheating you behind your back? Cell Tracker is software that can be installed into mobile devices in case you want to tap information! And this is what you need in case you have suspicious people around you. Cell-Tracker.net keeps you informed all you want to know about cell phone tracker software like latest software updates, news and much more. Cell-tracker.net makes sure you are well informed with cell tracker software.

The cell tracking software starts its job the second you install it in the target phone. All you have to do is pair your phone with the target cell phone so that you can instantly receive information. The installation process is quick; once done you are all set to go. A sms alert would show up on your phone as soon as an update is tracked. The update could be a phone call or a text message received or sent from the target cell phone. You will be able to track every activity of the phone instantaneously. The information you receive is completely undisclosed.

This software allows you to solve your internal issues, personal or professional all by yourself and resolves all the queries in your mind which would otherwise leave you disturbed. Hiring a detective could be a long procedure and complex one, the cell tracking software acts like your personal detective and gives you access to accurate information instantaneously without involving a third party.

Spy Whatsapp Messeges

Cell Tracker Whatsapp  Spy software track all  Whatsapp chat conversation like chat, group chat, shared images and videos and many other of the targeted cell phone .  This tracking software compatible with all types of smartphones like Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, Android based cell phone, carbon, Micromax etc. If you want more information about the software then visit here : http://goo.gl/Bwuclk

Advantages Of Cell Tracker Software

Cell Tracker Software : Concoction of Brilliancy

Cell Tracker softwares are a profound creation of software developers who have facilitated for the normal users to interpose the cell phone activities of any target user. The software is sheer brilliance, that combines not only the spying cleverness of a detective, but with the use of technology it can provide you with solid evident proofs that nobody can ever deny.

A blatant child, a rebellious teenager, a doubtful spouse, a deceiving employee, whatever you come across in your daily life can be a pain to deal with. You can be 100% sure that they are up to something, but you fail to get any proofs and evidences that could substantiate your doubts. After all what you need is to put your doubts to end and relax. But in what way can your doubts be put to butt end ?? When technology has become avant-garde, you don’t need to put yourself at risk or hire a costly detective service to track somebody, and that too when you want to track somebody’s Cell phone, not their whereabouts.

Limitations of a Private detective

  • Will only provide you with information about somebody’s visited place.
  • Or maybe give you random shots of that somebody.

Never realised that, did you ?? Yes a detective can only give you these services, or to add more he could break into somebody’s house to collect general proofs, putting you at high risk.

A Cell tracking software is your personal tracker, which will work for you so smoothly, providing you with every brief aspect, and what more you don’t have to set up a meeting with it, you can see the details whenever and wherever you want.

In general, this cell spyware will let you track all cell phone activities such as :-

  • Contacts.
  • Call logs.
  • Sms Logs.
  • Emails sent.
  • GPS location.
  • Web browsing history.
  • Recorded telephonic conversation.
  • Shared multimedia.
  • Messenger application’s Chats and conversations

What more can you ask, when this monitoring software does all the work in secrecy and
inconspicuous. You can effortlessly get access to somebody’s cell phone’s activities without having to affront them. All the proof are purely genuine, and get delivered right into your user account that can be accessed in your own time. Cell phone tracker can be easily purchased online, and it only needs a couple of moments to get installed on the target user’s mobile phone. It will start recording each and every activity of the user after successful installation.

Advantages of Cell tracker Software!

Cell tracker software is a surveillance program that enables one to keep track and monitor all activities within a specific cellular device. There are many benefits of utilizing such programs on a cellphone.
Some of the reasons are:

  • It can determine the GPS location of workers or kids by companies or parents
  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing emails and SMSes
  • Tracked every phone calls and conversation in real time
  • Access all pictures and videos that are uploaded or downloaded

What you need to know about Cell Tracker software?Cell Phone Tracker
Cell tracker software was developed to keep track on all activities relating to a specific cell phone. However, to prevent any abuse of such technology, producers usually offer some form of restriction for using such programs. Provisions of authorized usage can be implemented on the customers. The spying activities can be set up on certain cell phones that one owns or an administrator if the phone belongs to a company. Furthermore, the user must disclose the the cell phone in particular has a monitoring software program installed and all activities are recorded. If the user of the cellphone is not informed of this, he can implicate the company or whoever installing the software for invasion of privacy.

How to use it?

Cell tracker software  are usually applicable across all platforms for the various smartphones that are on the market today. They usually have to be accessed online and offers a log account which can be interpreted easily. For example, applications such as GPS logs can show all information relating to the timed intervals that can be preset and connected to a geo-map. All phone calls, sms messages, mms or pictures sent out or downloaded can also be recorded. Browsing history on the cell phone can also be tracked easily.

Benefits of using cell tracker software

Cell tracker software, if used correctly, can actually provide benefits to users. Almost everyone has or own a cell phone nowadays. Even kids own one nowadays if their parent can afford it. For safety reasons, it is a strong tool for parents to ensure their child’s safety when they are not with them. Let’s say if a parent want to know whether their kid is actually at a friend’s party celebration, the cellphone spy software can actually make sure that the kid is attending the party and also ensure that they returned home safely through the GPS locator function of the software.

For corporation or companies, the cell tracker software can help to understand and account for their employees’ activities within or outside the company. For example, it can help to monitor the sales activities of their sales personnel and check to see if any company’s secrets is being leaked out to competitors.

As in all new technologies, programs such as the cell phone tracker can be beneficial if they are actually used for their intended purposes. Ultimately, it is up to the individual or company to ensure that it being administered correctly so as to prevent any form of abuse.

Kids Gaming Addiction – Monitor Your Kids with Cell Phone Tracker

Kids are  increasingly getting more addicted to games that they can play on their smart phones.  Yep, that’s right children are unable to put their phones down for even a moment and suck up every single free moment they have playing browser and application based games on their phone instead of doing more sociable things or even concentrating on school or home.

There is a great way that you can track any phone and monitor what is going on with your kid’s phone and that’s by using a Kids phone tracker.  What it does is, it tracks kid phone by putting a small file in their phone and once it’s installed onto the phone, then you can start seeing everything they are doing.

The features that you can get comes in two options that are the basic edition and the pro edition and with each one you are going to get some amazing features which will help you to monitor and track kid phone.

  • Phone Tracking – Which will monitor every single call made in or out.
  • Text Tracking – Which will monitor each and every text message set and received.
  • GPS – Which will locate the phone anywhere.
  • Email Tracking – You will get to see every single email in or out on the phone.
  • Phone Book Access – Which will allow you to see every single entry in the phone.
  • URL Tracking – Will allow you to see what websites they go to and how long they are on them.
  • Photo Tracking – This will allow you to see every picture in and out of the phone.

With the Pro version of this product you will get two very extra features which will take kid monitoring to a whole new level, they include:

  • Call Listening – Which will allow you to hear live calls from both sides.
  • Surround Listening – This will allow you to actually turn on the microphone on the phone and allow you to hear anything that’s going on around the phone itself without it even being engaged in a call.

You can get all of these great features in one program if you go to http://www.spymasterpro.com/ . It will allow you to see exactly what you’re kids are doing on their phones and thwart any addiction behavior with kid monitoring which you control from your own smart phone or your computer.

This software is easy to install and will be totally undetectable to the child using the phone.  They won’t be able to tell when you access the information or when you turn on specific features from your phone or computer.

It’s a good way to ensure that your child stays safe and protected from not only gaming sites which could put tracking software on the phone but also from themselves when they don’t feel like giving up gaming long enough to do anything else. It’s a very easy thing to do and it’s affordable and convenient for anyone to use.

How Cell Tracker works in Blackberry

BlackBerry is leading brand name in the area of smartphones.It serves various functionalists which make it a matter of choice for the customers. What’s more credible with this cell phone is its ability to make your data secure & safe.When the situation arises that you have to track such a phone with so many reliable features it becomes a task next to impossible.The market for BlackBerry consists of people who are bent on keeping their information private and secure.

But like there is a solution to every problem, BlackBerry phone can also be tapped / monitored using the spy software.

The interesting fact being it can be done by ordinary people with no technical background.

There are a few key points to be considered before going ahead with the spy software :-

  • The kind of details one needs from the target phone.
  • The correct choice of spy software based on the details required from the target phone.
  • Availability and ease in downloading of the software.

The reasons to have this software with you is if :-

  • You are worried about your notorious child or
  • A cheating spouse.
  • A staff member who is illegally giving away your company’s information and
  • Many other situations where you can catch hold of the culprit red handed.

Once you decide to get the spy software,

  • You are provided with the username and password to access the online account.
  • You are given the software that you are supposed to install on the suspect’s BlackBerry phone.
  • Then you are provided with the account summary as soon as you connect with the web link provided.

What does the account summary consist of? The answer is simple and as follows :-

  1. Call Log Monitoring – The complete call log can be tracked. It includes the outgoing calls, the incoming calls, missed calls, voice mails and also any deleted calls.
  2. Message Center Monitoring – All the incoming and outgoing messages can be traced. As with the calls, even the deleted messages are logged making it impossible to clear off any evidence. Even the secure BBM s can be stored in the record summary.
  3. GPS Monitoring Facility – The path traversed by the suspect can also be located by the GPS monitoring facility available with the software. The only pre-requisite is that the BlackBerry phone targeted must be GPS enabled.
  4. Phone book View – All the contact numbers can be obtained in the account summary. The modifications done in the list are also recorded.
  5. Traceability Issues – The software does not leave any icon behind making it impossible for the suspect to have any clue that their mobile is tracked.
  6. Optional Call Recording Ability – The calls can be recorded or listened to directly. The software records the conversation and uploads the same onto the monitoring device.

The features of the account summary are available based on the customization done by the user.

Thus the BlackBerry Spy Software is an extra-ordinary tool in solving the problems related to trust all by yourself without any other dependence.

How to Track and Recover Your Android Phone

The benefits of cell phones to the society are invaluable. They have gained popularity in all age groups with their capabilities to connect people from various locations in real time. In most cases, young adults are more hooked with the device compared to older people without knowing how to keep them secured. Cell phones are targets of potential robbery and can be an instrument for various security threats. But, what would you do if your cell phone was lost. Do you easily think that there’s no way to return it to you? If yes, then you are misguided. You should be aware of the new emerging technologies that can help you track and recover your Android phone. This is where Android phone tracking plays a vital role.

Difference between blocking and tracking

There is one thing that Android phone users should keep in mind. Incidents of lost phones can be dealt with in two ways. First is to block the SIM and Android phone, and second is to track it. When you choose to block an Android phone, it is not guaranteed that the phone will be recovered. But, if you choose to track it, this will help you find the exact location of your phone and eventually recover it. Tracking of Android phones requires installation of application software enabling Android phone users/owners to remotely monitor or track lost phone.

How does this tracking software works?

This software is your only way to get back your back Android phone. Opting for this application is cost effective. It is easy to use and has features which are better than what is provided by a private detective. Various software tools have been made available in the market so it’s up to you to choose in consideration with its compatibility aspect. For instance, when you grab the phone guard security application, the first step is to visit the webpage of the application and download it from your Android phone. After downloading the application, utilize the control panel of another Android phone or computer to start locating the phone. Doing this in real time is the most significant feature. Both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded and whatever activity the person undertakes. You don’t have to wait for your cell phone service provider to assist you in tracking your lost phone. Rather, use a proactive strategy by installing the application.

The important features that can be tracked by the Android tracker software are as follows:

  • Global positioning system (GPS) location of the person using the phone during the event
  • Incoming and outgoing call logs from time to time
  • Any message received or sent by the Android phone user will be monitored
  • URLs visited by the Android phone user

Tracking your Android phone has never been easier with the emergence of Android tracker. If you want to be secured of the whereabouts of your child, employees, and other people concerned, installing this software is highly recommended. Recover your Android phone by browsing for reliable software to track your smart phone.

Cell Tracking for iPhone

Cell tracking for iPhone is software that can be installed into the iPhone from which you would like to tap information. The cell tracker allows you to access any kind of information that is needed for you in order to solve your problem. It could be overhearing a phone conversation, looking at some text messages, images, videos etc.

In case you suspect your child of being in a wrong company or being a part of any notorious activity. The cell tracker helps you get all the information from your child without a direct face to face confrontation. You can view details on the iPhone, check the contact list, duration of the calls, their timings, the url’s of the websites and web pages visited etc. The GPS facility in the cell phone tracking enables you to know the exact location of your child at any point of time.

As soon as you install the software into the target iPhone, the files hide themselves. These files cannot be identified by the iPhone user. After the installation procedure is completed, you must pair the target phone to your phone or any electronic device that you plan to monitor the activities from. After the pairing is done, the software automatically starts sending updates from the suspect’s iPhone to the monitoring device from time to time. These updates are sent to you in the form of sms’s which alert you. The monitoring can be done from any place you want. At your home, your office or anywhere you are.

The information obtained is completely confidential. The target iPhone would never know that cell tracker software has been installed. If you are a person who does not like to share your secrets with the third party, the cell phone tracking is the best option for you. It is reasonably priced and it’s secret. There is no need to talk to a detective or approach any kind of an investigation company to set things right in your family.

May it be a personal issue or a professional one, cell phone spy works to give you best results. The information is accurate and 100% factual. There are no chances of miscommunications or misinterpretations possible.

Being in a state of doubt can take you to endless problems and leaves you restless. Therefore get smart and cut your problems right from the root.